There is a Light that Never Goes Out

I’ve been thinking about body positivity lately, and I honestly think it’s really important and something we hardly ever encounter in our everyday lives. I’ve seen thousands of photos of shirtless guys on this site, but I’m sure to many, my photo would be considered offensive because I don’t fit society’s standards of beauty and I am proud of that, so sorry not sorry. I love my body right down to every lovehandle, bulge, and curve and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, which is only something I have come to realize recently. I’m proud of who I am at any size - fat is an adjective not an insult. I love you all and remember to love yourselves!

  1. dkcald said: Once again Joseph, you have left me amazed and stunned! You are such an inspiring and beautiful person, and I am so glad to call you my friend. Thank you for always being truly yourself.
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